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Cosmetic Dentistry

Modern dentists have a huge and wonderful arsenal of cosmetic dentistry procedures  for making teeth appear "naturally beautiful"!

The tooth-colored fillings we now have can replace the unsightly black amalgam fillings of yesterday. We can use enamel-bonding procedures for long-lasting fillings and restorations, be they composite resins or ceramic porcelains. With enamel adhesive procedures, we can replace small sections of damaged teeth or we can restore the entire crown of the tooth.

Tooth Bonding

This refers to the process of applying tooth-colored resin directly to the etched surface of the tooth. It can be used for either fillings or for veneering the visible surfaces of the front teeth. It's usually faster and less expensive than ceramic restorations.

Dental Veneers

These are ultra thin porcelain surfaces that are bonded to the front teeth to restore, reshape, close gaps, and straighten or lighten the front teeth. This is the least invasive way to get the most-natural and the long lasting smile you've always wanted. Below is pictured "before chipped and broken teeth" and after!

8 Veneers Covered these chipped and broken teeth. The patient opted not to "whiten" teeth and a porcelain shade was chosen to blend with bottom teeth

Porcelain veneers give the appearance of a total dental makeover and is one of the most satisfying procedures we do for our patients. Both they and we love the results!

Whiten Teeth

Is there anything that destroys a brilliant smile faster than yellow teeth?

We use the self-applied tray/gel method of teeth whitening. We believe it to be the most effective, least expensive and best teeth whitening method...and the safest way to achieve and maintain white teeth.

We don't believe in the voodoo claims of "laser light" teeth whitening treatments, that cost more and don't last as long. You risk gingival injury and tooth sensitivity. Sometimes it takes a bit longer to do things right.

Dental Implants

Implants are titanium anchors which are placed into and become integrated with the jawbone. A single tooth or a fixed bridge can be supported by these implants. Dental implants are also used to anchor or stabilize removable dentures. We do not place the implants themselves but work closely with the dental specialists who do. After implant integration, we will rebuild your teeth with the crowns that will finish the job. If you are interested in the possibility of dental implants call us for a complimentary consultation and we will give you our best advice.

I love my ability to change lives by remaking patient's smiles. A healthy confident smile equals a healthy confident person.

Your smile projects your personality. What does your smile say about you?

Let us help you make the most of your smile today. We do complimentary consultations. Call us at 480-948-4353 for your next dental appointment!