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Oral and Dental Health

Preventive care is the secret to good oral and dental health! We are firm believers in Preventive Care, believing that proper care will help prevent more extensive treatments in the future!


Our hygiene department is set up to individualize preventive care for each patient. After a thorough evaluation, a dental hygiene program will be set-up with a level and frequency of cleanings that you specifically need to maintain optimum dental health. Over time your hygienist will monitor changes, good or bad, and modify your treatments as needed.

In cases where routine dental cleanings are not enough, we perform various non-surgical periodontal treatments and use a variety of pharmacological agents to cure or control any issues with your gums. We do screenings for oral cancer at every hygiene visit.

Dental Sealants

Sealants are flowable resin protection used to fill in grooves, pits and crannies in the flat chewing surfaces of young teeth. Sealing out sugars and acids before they can cause tooth decay. We can predict whose teeth are susceptible to this decay process and intervene early and effectively.


We provide topical fluoride varnish to all children's teeth at every cleaning appointment up to age 14. This has had a tremendous role in the prevention of tooth decay and has contributed to our kid's teeth.

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