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Our Dental Services include All You Need for Oral Health

When you meet the doctor for you first appointment you will be advised about your dental health and what we believe would be the best treatment to maintain the optimal state of dental health.

We ask for a health history, perform a soft tissue and periodontal exam, take individual x-rays and discuss any and all concerns you may have about your teeth.

We provide a variety of restorative services and as your general dentist will manage your overall dental treatment plan. If we feel we are not the perfect match for any particular problem you may have, we will refer you to a dental specialist for that problem.

You can feel confident in the services that we provide. You will benefit from the experience we have garnered over the years in practice.

Let us help you make the most of your smile today. Maintain your oral health as well as your smile. Take advantage of a complimentary consultation. Call us at 480-948-4353 for your next dental services!