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Other Dental Information 

As the internet was intended to "share information", we offer some of the sites we find educational or interesting. These are eight other sites that provide interesting and helpful dental information.

Anything you can learn to improve your knowledge of oral health care is a plus.

Simple Steps Dental
This site is operated by Columbia University, College of Dental Medicine. It offers information on how to prevent problems, understand what may be happening in your mouth, and treatment options available to you.

ADHA or the American Dental Hygienists Association also has many suggestions for your dental care.

Dental Health from MEDLINEplus
The National Library of Medicine (NLM) site on dental health.

Mouth Power A fun site to promote Kids Dental Health.

Oral-B A learning Center for dental health education. This site includes information that will everyone from kids to seniors.

Glossary of Dental Terms -
get familiar with terms dentists use so you can talk to your dentist about your teeth.

Tobacco Information -

Do Your Teeth a Favor - Quit smoking!
Some information sites to help those who smoke to quit.